The Grid

It is recommended to adjust column widths so that the Location field is ~15% of the screen width and the Action field ~30%. Field width is adjusted with the mouse cursor at the field headers.
ID Task number. At times, you might want to reference one task from another (e.g., “also see task 12345”).
Source The person who entered the task. To clarify the meaning of a task contact the Source.
Owner The person who does the task. If this field is left blank, a manager will assign the task. An asterisk (*) indicates that the owner should delegate the task to another person (or self) and then should uncheck the Owner to delegate checkbox.
P3 Initial priority is set by staff members who report to a middle manager (if any).
P2 Priority set by manager who reports to the CEO, general manager, or owner.
P1 Final priority is set by CEO, general manager, or owner. To request a change in P1, set P2 or start a discussion. Although staff should generally use the P value assigned to them (usually P3 or P2), direct use of P1 is sometimes warranted when a task is small and you are certain that a manager will agree with the priority.
Est Optional time estimate in hours. This helps set priorities. Estimates can be far off, but an estimate is better than none. Time estimates are recommended for most tasks, especially periodic tasks.
Act Optional rough estimate of time spent in hours. This allows you to look back and see approximately where time was spent. If you forget to enter the time spent, enter it as soon as you remember or when completing the task.

This field indicates where the task applies (e.g: website | order page, File | Save menu, etc.) or an object (e.g. Computer room | Front desk, Engine | Main casting, Packing tape, etc).

If location is a URL, use the hyperlink feature to make it readable.

Use complete locations:

Bad: Web site
Good: Web site | Front page | Footer

Do not repeat the location in the action:
Bad:   Location: Web site … Action: On the website check spelling
Good: Location: Web site … Action: Check spelling


A description of the task. Try to begin with verb—e.g. avoid starting with If, Maybe, I have, etc. To include the rationale for the task, enclose it in parenthesis to separate it from the actual task.

Notes and discussions go at bottom of this field. Prefixing tasks with Please or similar adds unnecessary clutter (courtesy is implied).  Concise wording facilitates scanning the grid.

Age Number of days since the task was entered.
Done Date task was done.
Test Who tested the result of the task (if needed after the task was marked done).
Next Next person in a discussion. Generally, don’t use this to announce that you entered a task unless urgent. Clear Next when a discussion or task is done. This field will clear automatically after a few days if Next is the same as the Owner. A number in parenthesis next to a name indicates the number of days the discussion has been waiting for a response.

N = Normal task.

P = Periodic task: The number indicates the period in days. When you do a periodic task, mark it done to hide it from the Todo view until it needs to be done again. New periodic tasks assume you did not do the task yet; mark it done if you did do the task recently. To change the next due date, without changing the period: click the Tickler button, select the date, click Save, click Cancel.

T = Tickler task: The number is how many days until task needs to be done.

D = Due date – the task will appear in the Task view on the specified date.

Wait = Number of another task that must be completed first. A task will not appear in the Task view when waiting for another task to be done. This feature allows to specify task dependencies. For example, suppose task 123 is to reorganize the office and 124 is to buy some furniture. If you want to postpone reorganizing the office until the furniture arrives you can set the Type of task 123 to Wait for task 124. Task 123 will then show in your Task view only after task 124 is marked as done.

Late Late factor for periodic task; for example, if a period is 7 days and it was last done 14 days ago, the late factor is 2.
A File attachments—click to see attachments.