Add a new task or done task for yourself or a co-worker.

Check Notify when done if you want to be notified when the Owner completes the task.

Check Delegate to specify in the Owner field who is responsible for setting the final owner (avoids unassigned tasks from cluttering the list of multiple managers, if there are multiple managers).

To add a new task for another company (e.g. a close vendor, a personal account, etc) check “Task for another company” and fill in the TaskRing company ID and person’s name. For example, if you are at work at ABC Co and what to add a task to your BobNBetty personal account to call a plumber when you get home, you could add a task to your personal account.

See Main Grid for details about each field.

Checkmark Mark a highlighted task as done. Click again to mark a done task as not done. To hide a done task immediately, refresh the browser.
X Delete highlighted task: First click on task ID to highlight. Sometimes it is better to set P3 to Skip to keep a record of the deletion. It is recommended not to delete done tasks, so you can see and report your accomplishments.
>>  Copy P3 to P2 or P2 to P1 (used by managers).
Pen Edits selected task.
Paperclip Add attachment file related to the task.
2 pages Makes an additional copy of the highlighted task—usually to assign to more people.
Clipboard Copy highlighted task to clipboard for pasting into a document
Clock If you want to occasionally time a task, click the button to start a minute timer; again to stop; and again to clear.
? Show Help.
Logout Logout of system.
Hand Marks a task as in-progress by setting Act to 0.1. This helps you keep track and gives managers a chance to provide last-minute comments.
Bell Set’s tickler: Select date on calendar when you want to do task.
Report Gives some stats on your list.
Face Preference settings. Notification settings allow you to select which types of changes you want to be notified about via a pop-up windows. If using in a company with everyone reporting directly to a CEO or owner consider turning off P1. If using TaskRing as an individual consider turning off P1, P2, Source, and Tested. Use Hide priority lower than to omit low priority tasks from your list. Use Highlight blank est if you want to be reminded to fill the Est field for high priority tasks. Notify me when done allows you to indicate that you want to be notified when certain people complete any task.
Disk icon Allows authorized users to download all data for keeping a backup. It is highly recommended to backup data at least weekly.
Home Provides basic information about TaskRing.

Search field Enter a text string and press Enter to find and filter matching tasks. Search occurs among tasks of the selected person unless you first select All in person drop list. To search for a task number, enter the number. Use ctrl+F to find text on screen. Words less than 4 characters long must be in quotes. Note that a search, for example, for ATTACH will not match ATTACHMENT, but “ATTACH” (with quotes) will.
Person Select which list you want to view or All.