Using TaskRing in your business can make a significant difference. Here’s why:

  • Information is organized around tasks instead of messages
  • Priorities are always clear
  • Wasteful meetings are reduced
  • Decisions are based on better information
  • Good ideas don’t fall thru the cracks
  • You are automatically reminded to perform periodic checks
  • Progress reporting is automated
  • Everyone who wants to be “in the loop” can be
  • You can easily see what you accomplished
  • Planning is continuous and nearly effortless
  • Tasks can be easily transferred to new staff
  • You know instantly when tasks are completed
  • You know how much time is spent on recurring vs one-time tasks
  • Priorities are set efficiently
  • Everyone always knows what to do
  • Managers can spend less time managing
  • Meeting agendas are automated
  • Time estimates are explicit
  • Task management is uniform across all functions

TaskRing is simple yet powerful. A single screen provides an overview of all your tasks, where you can discuss them, prioritize them, schedule tasks, assign tasks, estimate times, know who created each task, approve completed tasks, know when tasks are done, see where time is spent and much more. 

How TaskRing works

With TaskRing at the center of your business, here are some of the things you will typically be doing:

  • Read thru your own tasks to see clearly what needs to be done
  • View explicit priorities and time estimates to make the best use of your time
  • Ask a coworker a question about a task – the thread stays with the task instead of getting lost in email.
  • Answer a question from a co-worker about a task.
  • Specify your opinion of the priority of a task to help reach a smart concensus with less meetings.
  • Indicate you are starting a task so that others can give their input.
  • Mark a task done
  • Review what you accomplished and where the time went.
  • Enter new tasks for yourself or co-workers – your great ideas will never get lost.
  • Assign tasks to the best person
  • Create recurring reminders and ticklers.
  • and much more